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If I apply to join today, how soon can I use my membership?

You need to wait until you have received your membership pack (which includes your card) from us. This is because you will need to show your membership card to houses and gardens in the Friends scheme in order to gain free entry.

Do you offer a discount for senior citizens?
No, we do not currently offer this discount.


I have lost my membership card - how do I get another?
Please contact the membership department at hhafriends@hall-mccartney.co.uk or on 01462 896688 to advise us of the loss of your card.  We will issue a replacement to you as soon as possible.
Do you offer life membership?
No, there is currently no life membership.
Do you offer a discount for senior citizens?
No, we do not currently offer this discount.
I want to offer gift aid on my membership fee - is this possible?
As the HHA is not a charity we are unable to accept gift aid donations.
I have moved house - how do I notify you of my change of address?

Please contact the membership department at hhafriends@hall-mccartney.co.uk or by telephone on 01462 896688 and we will amend our records accordingly.  Alternatively, if you prefer to contact us by post please send your change of address details to the Membership department - address as listed.

HHA Friends Membership Department
PO Box 21

I joined the HHA last year and my membership is due to expire. How do I renew my membership?

If you joined the HHA and paid for your membership by cheque, credit or debit card we will write to you at the beginning of your expiry month, inviting you to renew for a further year.  Renewal applications can be made using the form that we send you through the post, or by telephone, or via our website where we have a dedicated section for renewals.

If you joined the HHA and paid your membership by direct debit, we will automatically claim your membership fee and send your new card (as per the direct debit statement that is sent in your new member pack).