With us, your home is safer and more successful, your voice is heard and represented, and you are part of a community of like-minded families.

Your property does not need to be regularly open to the public to join us — most of the houses we represent are lived-in family homes, where access may range from an annual church fete in the grounds to regular tours and a thriving tea shop.

Starting from just £137 a year, your subscription rates go towards:

  • Lobbying on behalf of independently owned historic houses with government and regulators, to articulate and protect your interests and serve the long-term needs of your house
  • Expert technical advice and important updates on everything from tax to planning, security to restoration, commercial activities to inheritance
  • A series of seminars and regional house-member meetings at which you will learn from experts and share insights with others looking after similar properties
  • Marketing efforts for your property's commercial activities, from day visitors to holiday lets, weddings to filming

Member access scheme

Houses or gardens that open to the public, for any length of time, may join the Historic Houses member access scheme; the property will be marketed in our annual handbook of places to visit for free, properties will admit members without charge on production of their card, and Historic Houses pays a fixed 'member credit' sum per visit to participating properties at the end of the year.

Whether or not a property chooses to participate in that scheme, house membership comes with two cards giving free access to the more than 300 member properties who do, as well as receipt of Historic House magazine four times a year.

Eligibility criteria

Private, corporate, charitable and institutional owners of houses and gardens throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland may join the association as house members. The property should be historically or architecturally important; buildings are generally listed Grade I or II*, in England (Category A or B in Scotland, Grade A or B+ in Northern Ireland), or linked with a significant figure or event (for example, the birthplace of an important person, or the site of a significant discovery).

Owners of open properties where the garden is the principal feature may join the association whether the house is listed or not. Owners of important collections of works of art which are housed in properties which are not listed may be considered for membership.

If you wish to discuss your property, and whether membership of the association would be right for you, contact our Development Department on 020 7259 5688 or email our Director of Development James Probert on james.probert@hha.org.uk.

Membership rates

Membership fees are set on a sliding scale to reflect the range of services members receive. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • Houses or gardens running no commercial activities and offering no regular public access (or only free or for-charity access): £140.29
  • Houses open only for visitors on a commercial basis: starting at £175.36, increasing with visitor number thresholds
  • Houses running commercial activities (weddings, conferences, accommodation, hospitality); starting at £234.54
  • Gardens only, open for visitors on a commercial basis: starting at £140.29, increasing with visitor number thresholds