Our organisation

Historic Houses is the trading name of the Historic Houses Association, 2 Chester Street, London SW1X 7BB, a not-for-profit organisation and limited company registered in England and Wales (02001057).

Our values and aims

We believe that lived-in historic houses are vital parts of our history, shaping the nation’s cultural landscape while providing present-day opportunities for commerce, creativity and community. At Historic Houses we help independent owners to keep their historic homes and gardens in good repair, ensuring their accessibility for current and future generations.

In order to fulfil these values we have set out on a four year programme to achieve the following strategic priorities:

  • Be the champion of the independently owned historic house sector;
  • Promote the conservation of house member properties;
  • Help raise the profile and understanding of our house members;
  • Engage and foster partnerships with heritage, tourism and business organisations;
  • Create a sustainable future to ensure the longevity of our support;
  • Ensure we are fit for purpose by being effective, efficient and transparent.

Our structure

Historic Houses is managed by a Board of Directors, responsible for leading the organisation by making decisions on policy, financial, and strategic matters.  The Board is governed in turn by a Council formed of the Board and regional representatives from Historic Houses thirteen Regional Committees. The Council acts as an oversight and advisory body to the Board of Directors reviewing their strategic decisions and actions taken, on behalf of the members.  The Council also provides dialogue with our member houses in the regions allowing us to understand the concerns and address their concerns as part of our overall strategy.

The day-to-day running of Historic Houses is lead by the Director General and supported by a team of skilled, knowledgeable and committed staff from our Chester Street office.  The staff team lead on areas including marketing, development, finance, membership, and policy.

Historic Houses also draws upon two committees who advise the Board. The Taxation and Political Committee and Tourism and Development Committee draw upon considerable expertise and experience from our members and other heritage and business partners.

Our growing Next Generation Committee also works to engage, entertain and inform our next generation members, who are expected to succeed to the ownership and management of member houses in the future.

Annual Reports