We represent the nation’s largest collection of independently owned historic houses and gardens.  We are here to ensure these historic homes stay alive and accessible for generations to come. Our family includes over 1,600 important historic houses, many with open doors, waiting to be explored. Typically, Historic Houses properties remain lived-in homes, and all of them have fascinating and distinctive stories to tell.

We help our house-owning members celebrate the past, secure the future, and speak with one powerful voice.

Our members enjoy unique access to hundreds of homes and gardens that tell a personal, living history of the United Kingdom, helping to bring the nation’s history to life.

What we do

As the country’s largest collection of historic houses and gardens, our main role is to represent these important, independently owned heritage properties.

We regularly meet with politicians and opinion formers, to emphasise the economic and social impact of historic houses and their ongoing needs.

Living in and maintaining a grade I- or II*- listed house is not for the faint-hearted. For our 1,600 house-owning members we provide much-valued technical advice and expertise on any aspect of the experience.

We also help to spread the word about the rich diversity of our house members’ homes. Around 320 Historic Houses properties are open for regular public visiting. Their beauty and splendour help to make them attractive destinations. Our membership scheme offers free access for anyone to explore this fascinating slice of the nation’s story.